Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining

In the past everything was better! How often do you still hear this strange statement, which sounds so narrow-minded. Earlier EVERYTHING was better, but there was a great deal of Good what is unfortunately no longer has. For example, the dealing with food scraps or things that are left. Things we have bought to much if the eyes were once again bigger than the stomach. The appreciation of food was simply better.

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Our grandparents and parents often have large families to feed and all were Junk, stopped out of everything to make something. Even if it was a few days old. There was a declared radicals-in kitchen and a lot of Creative it resulted in. I've made for the new year, the intent always to consider again what you have done previously, so everything from the leftover food. Easy-to-preserve them from the waste.

Die beste Resteverwertung für trockene Brötchen -


If my grandma, for example, too much bread from the previous day remains, it was clear! It gave her delicious cherry-Michel! The wonderful smell from the oven, the water ran me in the run-up in the mouth. Cherry Michel is therefore MY judgment that the so many beautiful memories brings to me. I'm really very happy with him again, because from stale bread rolls, a delicious desserts is conjured up simple dish, the taste of my men is excellent.

My dish from my childhood days

Omis Kirschmichel -


Of course you can freeze bread that you bought too much also. But if you forget it? Or want you otherwise process to crumbs bread to? Then the cherry-Michel is a great Alternative. Maybe You don't know him at all, depending on where You live. The cherry-Michel is, in fact, is rather in the lower half of our country at home, or from the middle down 😉 . He has 🙂 so many pretty names, such as, for example, Kärscheblotzer, Körschmichl, cherries jockel and Kirschenmännla .

Omis Kirschmichel -

If You don't know the cherry Michel still remember him if You've got too many buns for Sunday Breakfast left. The Monday, I think, offers anyway as a "sweets day", because of the unpleasant Monday is really the sweet thing. Tastes Omis cherry Michel vanilla sauce at all, all the best and do not begrudge, by the way, I me for the sake of simplicity, in the finished product.

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Eine leckere Süssspeise aus dem Ofen -

Cherry Michel of Omi - easy oven-Dessert

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TOTAL TIME45 minutes
SERVINGS4 people


  • 4 pieces of bread, old-fashioned - about 200 grams total
  • 1 glass Morello cherries - 370 g drained weight
  • 300 ml milk, warm
  • 2 Eggs - Size M
  • 50 g Butter, soft
  • 50 g sugar
  • 1 Packet Of Vanilla Sugar
  • 2 TSP baking powder
  • 1 TBSP Butter and breadcrumbs - to Grease the baking dish
  • Icing sugar - for Dusting
  • Custard, cold (any finished product for the sake of simplicity) - for Serving


  • As the first heats Your oven to 200 degrees top/bottom heat on. Then the cherries in a sieve so they drain well and the Butter out of the fridge, get them soft is.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining
  • Now You cut the rolls into approximately 1 cm pieces, put them in a bowl and pour the warm milkuntil completely absorbed.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: My experience is that the old-fashioned rolls, depending on the variety, and also depending on how old and dry they are, less or more warm milk on the eye. The specified 300 ml, according to my experience, a good amount, but You can dose yourself, either less or more milk to use. It is important that all bread pieces get a little of the milk or on the eyes. The rolls may pieces but not dripping with decay and continue to be drenched otherwise.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining
  • The eggs separate and the egg white until stiff. The resulting whipped egg whites briefly to one side.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining
  • Now verrührst You in a bowl the soft Butter, the sugar, vanilla sugar and baking powder until creamy with the whisk of the hand mixer or Your kitchen machine.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining
  • After that, first the egg yolks and stir briefly.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining
  • In the connection in the order of the rolls-pieces, the cherries and the whipped egg whites , fold in.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining
  • The mass in Your greased and with breadcrumbs spread over baking dish and put it on the middle rack in the oven for 30 minutes to bake.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining
  • With powdered sugar and vanilla sauce to serve. I wish You a good appetite.
    Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
Cherry Michel Omi – the simple stove-Süßdining