Onion cakes – The classic easy

In autumn and Winter, I love the enjoyment of the onions in the onion cake with yeast dough. And so I can prepare it even easier and "faster", I take for it, and the finished pizza dough from the refrigerated section. A tasty Alternative, when once the time and the desire to make the yeast dough for themselves, and if you prefer I thin yeast floor.

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Probably, I love onion cakes so much because I'm such a big Zwiebelfan. The onion is for me one of the most delicious products that can grow out of a vegetable patch and so it will many others. Because believe it or not, but, on average, every German in the year consumed probably about seven kilograms of onions – I eat a lot more 😉 !!! The onion is simply a multi-talent in the kitchen and incredibly versatile. Whether raw, steamed or fried, I can't get enough of her, no matter what form of Preparation.

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In addition, the onion has a lot of vitamins and even as a medicinal plant, it has your name. So you had to serve with us in one or the other wasp sting, and also ear pain. She was actually able to relieve the pain. The onion is in many delicious varieties. Most of all I like Lotte, however, the classic onion, the red onion and the formwork.

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As versatile as the onion, is also the preparation of the onion cake. I dare not estimate how many recipes are in circulation, all of which have their own different tastes and textures and subtle nuances are different. One of the most polarizing ingredient in the onion cake is sure with the distance of the cumin. You love him, you hate him or you accept him. I'm from South Germany and since it is quasi with him, whether you want to or not. The onion cake, the caraway has stops to make in addition to the flavor component, the function it easier to digest. If You take but like one of my Friends to his heels as soon as You hear the word caraway, then leave it on my recipe just the way 😉 . – Wholesomeness or not.

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In some recipes paprika powder comes in any flavor direction. This is especially in the case of the noble-sweet version is also a visual thing. Because You can't miss the onion tart is a rötlichere color. Just the mass with the paprika powder to taste. Your Springform pan, You can choose between 24cm in diameter and 26cm in diameter. The best orientation You'll also on the size of the finished pizza dough. I take most of the XXL-size, and take the 24cm Springform pan, because I love the onion cake when it is slightly higher.

A delicious Alternative to my simple and quick onion cake recipe is my autumn vegetable pie with two toppings or my quick Quiche with leek and ham.

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Onion tart - The classic easily

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TOTAL TIME1 hour 5 minutes
SERVINGS4 people



  • 1 pizza dough, ready-made, from the refrigerated section - approx. 400g or 550g (XXL) rectangular on baking paper
  • 750 g onion - e.g., vegetables, onion, red Ziebel
  • 250 g bacon, by grow - diced
  • 400 g sour cream - Alternatively, Crème Fraiche
  • 4 Eggs - Size M
  • 1 EL deleted caraway, whole - EITHER !
  • 1 Pinch Of Nutmeg
  • 1 Pinch Of Salt
  • 1 Pinch Of Pepper
  • Chives - to garnish


  • The oven heats up You on 200 degrees convection or 220 degrees top/bottom heat before.
  • Then the onions into thin slices, cutting or planing. The bacon cut into small cubes.
    Onion cakes – The classic easy
  • Onions and bacon are You sweating at medium heat in a nonstick pan in a little Oil , and spices everything with cumin (to taste omit), salt and pepper. For about 10 to 15 minutes until soft, stirring occasionally.
    MY TIP: You can also use the bacon for a Moment before the onions alone in the pan and a little "skip".
    Onion cakes – The classic easy
  • The sour cream (or Crème Fraiche) verquirlst You in the meantime with the 4 eggs and flavors it all with 1 pinch of nutmeg and a little pepper.
    MY TIP: If You are the onion cakes a bit of color, You can him with noble sweet paprika powder, Refine, or any other paprika powder variety.
    Onion cakes – The classic easy
  • The pizza dough in Your lightly buttered Springform design and the edge of the "rigging". I always take the "XXL" pizza dough, then it is a little easier.
    Onion cakes – The classic easy
  • The onion mass with the sour cream-egg mixture and mix on the dough distribute.
    Onion cakes – The classic easy
  • Then You give the onion cake in the preheated oven on the middle shelf for about 40-45 Min. Possibly. after 20 minutes, with baking paper covering, so it is not too dark.
  • Before Serving, I recommend You use the onion cake, a Moment's rest to leave and cool off. Then the mass continues and becomes more compact.
  • I wish You a good appetite!
    Onion cakes – The classic easy


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
Onion cakes – The classic easy