Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino

The other day we had my godson to a guest. 11 months he is now old, is crawling like a Wild through the area and cleaning out all the drawers, he gets between the fingers. He does not know absolutely what to do with his little Baby-energy and held during the visit, not only his parents but also me pretty busy. Nevertheless, the sight calls forth in all of us pure delight, because he is just so cute. Isn't it nice that we, humans, Babies, young animals, and everything what is small like to have?

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Fresh cherry tomatoes in season can't of course keep up with my sugar-sweet godchild 😉 , but a light delight will also be with me. Maybe it's because they are so small and cute and you can snack on ruck zuck road. In addition, you have an incredibly intense and sweet Aroma, although the cherry Tomatoes can only have a diameter of approximately 2-3 cm. "Small-big", I just say 😉 !

Sommerzeit ist Tomatenzeit -


You could grow cherry tomatoes, even slightly, even in the bucket, but I love it now times very, to me, the most beautiful specimens snap with a week of market shopping. In the tomato season is really a magnificent under. I'd like to drag you by the pound to home and most of the time I do that, too.

Die sommerlichen Nudeln aus dem Ofen -


As I had too many in the basket, the idea is to grill the sweet little Tomatoes in the oven came to me, and then just Pasta under the lift and you're done. So my quick Pasta originated with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino. A great Pasta dish, especially now in the summer, when cherry tomatoes are in season, and irresistibly delicious taste.

Pasta mit gegrillten Kirschtomaten und Pecorino -


The choice of Pasta is in the Rest of the matter. You can take the Pasta, which You like the mouth feel and the optics at the best. I prefer the Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino cheese small, short pasta. You can impale so nice with the fork and just like that, wegfuttern. My men and I have created a separate category called: food noodles.

Pasta mit gegrillten Kirschtomaten und Pecorino -


If You like it, by the way, Parmesan is better than the Pecorino cheese, You can serve these to Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes. The taste is also very, very tasty. I personally have a penchant for Pecorino cheese. Pecorino is made from sheep's milk instead of cow's milk and has for my taste a nice, spicy Aroma.

If You have more of the cherry tomatoes, then try it once my summer cherry tomato tart with caramelized onions from.



Die sommerlichen Nudeln aus dem Ofen -

Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino

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TOTAL TIME30 minutes
SERVINGS4 people


  • 400 g of Pasta - e.g. Penne Rigate, Fusilli, Rigatoni
  • 750 g cherry tomatoes - washed, halved
  • 50 g Pecorino cheese, freshly-planed - Alternatively Parmesan
  • 2 cloves of garlic - finely sliced
  • 1 chili pepper (hot Pepper) - deseeded, finely sliced
  • 8-9 TBSP of olive oil - Extra virgin
  • 2 TSP Oregano, dried
  • 1 handful Basil leaves - finely sliced
  • (Sea)salt, Cayenne pepper and dried Oregano - to Taste


  • As the first heats the oven to 200 degrees convection before.
  • Then washes You, the cherry tomatoes, remove the Green and halbierst you, cut the garlic small, as well as the Pepperoni, the You core should, if You don't super sharp like.
    Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino
  • In a with 2 TBSP olive oil greased baking dish, layer the halved tomatoes into it, to give the finely chopped garlic and hot Peppers and about 1 TSP salt and 1 TSP Oregano. In the end put You in 4 TABLESPOONS of olive oil over everything. On the middle rack for about 20 minutes in the oven until the tomatoes face will shrink are.
    Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino
  • While the tomatoes in the oven are, garst You, time adjusted, Your chosen Pasta according to the packet instructions in salted boiling water and pouring them off.
    Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino
  • If after 20 minutes the tomatoes nicely shriveled , the baking dish from the oven , take the finished Pasta and 2-3 TABLESPOONS of olive oil and to taste with salt, Cayenne pepper and Oregano to taste.
    Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino
  • With plenty of Pecorino cheese and finely chopped Basil served or before Serving the pasta. I wish you a good appetite!
    Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
Pasta with grilled cherry tomatoes and Pecorino