Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor

[Contains advertising] He is self-luminous, always there when I go Saturday morning to the farmer's market. The French Baker with his small van. Somehow, he manages to with its maybe just 4 square meters of retail space, that I feel like in a small side street in the centre of Paris. In front of the door of a Boulangerie-secret tips standing, that is to say the best bakers in the city. Sure, only I don't feel that way, but also all the others that are with me in the Wind and weather in the felt 100-Meter-long snake.

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Waiting that you finally come to it, and the Baker asks with his charming French accent what you would like. A moves, this irresistible fragrance from Baguette and co. in the nose. Usually there is for me no more and I buy too much. Before all of this wrapped in the fragrance of delicious Croissants ends.

Der Boden wird aus Croissants gemacht - www.emmikochteinfach.de


How should it be otherwise, we eat most, not all, I forget the Freezing, and deadlines in every other day, or even longer, their existence in the pretty paper bag. And because I have to process anyway, just try as much other food as possible, I was thinking about what you could do with stale Croissants because all.

Once the chopping, I thought to myself. The "back and forth and forth and back" is superior to the idea of the Croissant-ground for a Quiche was born. The Croissants I have chopped so small and mixed with flour, Egg, cream, yoghurt and water to form a dough. This results in a crisp, delicious Quiche has a pastry with a light Croissant-taste. A nice Alternative to puff pastry, short pastry and Co, and the salvation of the stale Croissants. Of course, You can also used for White cheese Quiche puff pastry or short crust pastry use. Bought or self-made, both of which are also delicious tastes.

From the croissants to the Quiche-ground

Ein leckeres Ofengericht mit Schafkäse und Hirtenkäse - www.emmikochteinfach.de


For the filling, I wanted something Delicate in taste, with a goal of a fine Croissant-taste from the Quiche-ground comes in. I have only used once at the classic Quiche-egg less cream and more of the creamy GAZi cream yogurt. That works great, and the fat content of the yogurt in combination with the beaten Egg works and tastes very delicious.

Weisse Käse-Quiche mit Schafkäse, Hirtenkäse und Croissantboden - www.emmikochteinfach.de

The crowning glory are the two delicious cheese variants of GAZi, the sheep and shepherds cheese in combination. The herder's cheese, made from cow's milk, is in harmony with its mild taste that is already very good with the Croissant-to-ground. For this purpose, the aromatic sheep's cheese is complemented by great and both together on top of that, still a nice mouth feel. And Presto, it was the white cheese Quiche with sheep's cheese, goat cheese, and Croissant-creates 🙂 .

Weisse Käse-Quiche mit Schafkäse, Hirtenkäse und Croissantboden - www.emmikochteinfach.de

The spice You can control by dried instead of fresh Oregano to use, is a bit stronger in taste. And, of course, the amount of salt, pepper and nutmeg. Even Your imagination has no limits and You can use the white cheese Quiche with Croissant-ground, for example, with olives and other vegetables-Treats to complement, if they have the same End-cooking time of approximately 25 minutes.

If You desire for recipes with feta or goat cheese, You will be sure to www.gazi.de/rezepte find, since there are still many more delicious recipes.

More delicious Quiche recipes on my Food Blog are my Quiche with ham, mushrooms and Mozzarella , or my Quiche with leeks and ham.

Ein leckeres Ofengericht mit Schafkäse und Hirtenkäse - www.emmikochteinfach.de

White cheese Quiche with a Croissant bottom

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TOTAL TIME45 minutes
SERVINGS4 people




    • 200 g (approx., but not much more, about 3 pieces) stale Croissants
    • 100 g wheat flour or spelt flour - wheat Type 405 or spelt Type 630
    • 1 Egg, Size L
    • 50 g of cream yoghurt (10% fat) - for example, by GAZi
    • 1 TSP salt
    • 50 ml of water


    • 200 g sheep cheese (made from sheep's milk) - for example, by GAZi
    • 200 g white cheese (made from cow's milk) - for example, by GAZi
    • 4 Eggs, Size L
    • 100 g of cream yoghurt (10% fat) - for example, by GAZi
    • 50 g cream, min. 32% fat
    • 1 TBSP Oregano leaves, fresh and coarsely chopped - Intensive is it with 1 TSP of dried Oregano
    • Salt, pepper, nutmeg, grated - to Taste



    • As the first heats Your oven to 180 degrees convection before.
    • Now häckselst You the Croissants in a food processor or the stick blender is so fine it goes and put them in a bowl.
      NOTE: Depending on the size of Your bowl/kitchen device You need to Chaffing, possibly in two to three steps.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor
    • Then vermengst You with the dough stirrer in the food processor/hand blender or in the hands of the Croissant crumbs with the flour, the 1 teaspoon salt, the yogurt, water and Egg.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor
    • The dough on a heavily floured work surface give. If necessary a little flour in kneading, when he was still a bit too sticky/wet it is. If he's too dry , simply with a little water gently accumulate.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor
    • Now roll the dough with a rolling pin suitable from.
      TIP: You can use the dough like every other patch, if a "hole" originated from. Just a piece of it and press firmly.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor
    • In Your greased Quiche Form with the fork several times grooving, the edge of the cope cut and for 12 minutes in a hot oven on the middle Rail pre-bake.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor


    • During the soil pre-baking, verrührst You in a bowl with the beaters of the hand mixer/kitchen machine cream yogurt with the eggs and cream and spices up the Whole vigorously with salt, pepper and nutmeg from.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor
    • The sheep cheese and the shepherd's cheese in breadcrumbs, or cut into cubes.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor
    • The pre-baked soil from the oven , get the yogurt-cream mixture , spreading, and in turn, Your cheese cubes and the chopped Oregano (or dried).
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor
    • Now is the white cheese Quiche for about 25 minutes on the middle rack in the oven to end baked. I wish You a good appetite.
      Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor


    Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
    Weiße Käse Quiche with Croissant-floor